Customer Acquisition: You are doing wrong
Social Communities Should Be Leading Your Acquisition Strategy. We’re a B2B Social Agency who leverage the power of communities to drive your prospects to action.
Its always better when were together

Cost-Effective Customer Acquisition: 8 Traits of Better B2B Communities

Most marketers are doing communities wrong. Bold statement I know, but it’s true.

When you hear about B2B Communities, right, all you ever hear about are Customer Support communities, Partner communities, Employee communities. Read More


Ways to Build Engagement in a B2B Social Community

Size isn’t everything…

It’s not about size, but about how you use it. Too many marketers are all about volume and have none of the technique…. Maybe they’re enjoying it, but they aren’t leaving many satisfied prospect behind. Read More


10 Reasons Why Every B2B Company Needs a Community

If I had a pound for every smug marketer who mistakenly assumes that communities and fan pages are the same thing… well. You’ll have heard me say this plenty of times before, but a real community isn’t just a group. It’s an engaged, passionate, interactive group; Read More

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How to Align Content & Community to Drive Content ROI.


One of the refrains you’ll hear from me a lot is that Good Content is Targeted Content. We’ve talked about *creating* relevant, useful, targeted content before, but it doesn’t stop there. Read More

Content isn’t King (Source: Pixabay)

The Content Tsunami: Why ‘Content is King’ is a Lie

For marketers obsessed with ROI, simply shouting ‘Content is King’ and pouring buckets of content over people’s heads is illogical – because it doesn’t drive ROI. Content marketing should – and can – drive real, concrete, tangible results… Read More

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