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How we achieved a 9.3% conversion rate on registrations for automechanika birmingham

“It’s very busy here today — I have to walk about 600 meters every time I need to make a tweet to get better reception! Haha” This was Eric talking via Skype to our team in Cape Town on the second day of the event.

With over 13 000 pre registrations, Automechanika Birmingham was a resounding success. Automechanika is an international tradeshow for the automotive aftermarket and supply chain, and the largest of its kind. We were tasked to help promote and drive registrations to the first ever UK based Automechanika event, which boasted 550 exhibitors and attracted 12000+ unique visitors over a period of three days.

Content Strategy

In order to help achieve their registration goals, we implemented a content strategy that defined the pre, during, and post event content pillars. These content pillars aimed to satisfy the needs of prospective attendees and exhibitors within each of these phases of the event.

In the 6 months run up to the event, we reignited the Automechanika LinkedIn Group, and launched Facebook and Twitter accounts for the event. By the time the doors opened for the first day on 6 June 2016, we had acquired a total Social Media follower base of 10 068 targeted individuals across platforms. This was achieved through a combination of engaging content, paid media and targeted LinkedIn growth tactics.
“We are eating humble pie, the Facebook strategy you proposed to us, proved us wrong, well done!”

– Caroline Carr, Automechanika Birmingham.

During the event, our onsite Community Manager reported live on Keynotes and other exciting developments from the venue. With the support from our team in the office, and multi media supplied by other partners, we managed to cover various aspects of the event simultaneously.

Facebook and Twitter provided registered attendees and other interested parties easily accessible digital avenues to ask event related questions and receive quick answers, providing a constant stream of event related information.

After the event, the official Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn presence provides platforms for information exchange and conversations to continue. By keeping these communities alive, they will provide a testing ground and listening platform for ideas to fuel the next Automechanika Birmingham.


No event is perfect

As is often the case with large events, the press of people and the sheer success of the marketing causes a problem, with too much load on the network that results in slow or non-existent wifi. It was critical to our success to have support from our team in the office to pick up the slack when our onsite Community Manager was unable to continue due to this issue.

The online event registration solution gave us a few headaches as well. The tracking numbers seemed a bit off and at times social media registration (which was very popular as an alternative to completing the online form) did not work. Through the use of unique bit.ly shortlinks and the native analytics provided by Facebook and Twitter we were able to accurately track our success regardless of these hiccups. Automechanika has since moved on to a new registration solution, and we will be more involved in the initial setup next year to make sure that the landing page is optimised for success.


A great start to a lasting partnership

Our efforts resulted in 301 registrations from 3238 click throughs on direct Registration Call-To-Action posts, a Conversion Rate of 9.3%. Throughout the campaign period from December 2015 – June 2016, the Facebook page achieved over 1 million impressions, with an average daily reach of 4807 unique individuals. That means almost 5000 targeted people saw Automechanika Birmingham related messaging on a daily basis. Coupled with the conversations generated on Twitter and LinkedIn, there was a considerable online buzz for the event.

“Great to have been able to visit the show last week and note that it already looks like it will be expanding next year, so clearly the demand.”

– Neil Park, Lighthouse Automotive

“Was fantastic to be part of the show last week! It was our first stand at an exhibition of this size and (although exhausting) it was a lot of fun and hugely productive. Looking forward to next year!”

– David Hildrow, RGH Rubber and Plastics Ltd

As we continue to feed these communities with content and build relationships with exhibitors and potential attendees, Automechanika Birmingham’s social media presence provides a powerful, accessible and always-on touch point for the event, and a springboard for next year’s registration drive.

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