Outbound Social Media Marketing to Sell Out Your Event (You’ll impress your boss with this)

Written by Eric Louw

Have you reached this
page as a result of a personalised
LinkedIn ‘share’ message?

If so, congratulations! We’ve just used our outbound social media marketing method to pinpoint you out of a sea of prospects. Now, let us help you understand how this method can be put to work for your next event to really help boost visitor numbers.

As an ‘Event Marketing’ professional, the pressure to get attendees to your event can be immense, and it’s hard work.

While email is often cited as the most cost-effective event marketing channel, we have found that outbound social media marketing using LinkedIn is now achieving even better results.

One of the reasons why LinkedIn Outbound Social Media Marketing is a must for event marketing is that presently, no one (other than us) is using this method to get more attendees.

As a ‘done-for-you’ service, our LinkedIn Event Marketing strategy uses ‘Shares’(exactly like the one you received) to promote your event by targeting your precise audience.

When we ‘share’ your event, your potential target visitor gets a personalised message to attend your event within their personal email account, on LinkedIn and on their mobile device!

Using LinkedIn’s unparalleled database searching capabilities in combination with our content ‘sharing’ method, you will be able to reach your exact target audience with heightened accuracy and personalization, while promoting your event across multiple platforms and devices. Interested?

This was achieved by placing your event in the target attendees email inbox

Alerting them on their LinkedIn profile

And, notifying them with alerts on their mobile devices

It’s all about selection and targeting, selection and targeting and our methods get results. Although there is no such thing as a silver bullet in marketing, this form of outbound social is inexpensive, personalised, highly targeted and highly effective so should be without question a part of your event marketing arsenal.





Eric Louw is the Business Development and Social Media Strategist at The Social Effect, a B2B social agency dedicated to building social communities and creating great content for B2B’s and Technology Companies.

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