Conversion Rate Optimisation

You can spend as much money as you like on digital marketing tactics, be it Paid Media, Social Media, or the ubiquitous Email; but if the landing page your prospects arrive at fails to illustrate the value to your prospective sponsor, exhibitor or attendee, you’re going to lose them. If your digital marketing gets feet into your door, then your landing page is your salesman. A bad salesman will not close the deal for you. You need a landing page that clearly reinforces your event’s value proposition and motivates your prospects to complete required forms and actions to become leads without hesitation.

In the rush to promote an event and exhibitor sales, a landing page built to convert your hard-won traffic is often last on the list. This is where our conversion rate optimisation team steps in. We’ve created more than enough successful landing pages to know what works and, more importantly, what doesn’t. Our knowledge of online user behaviour and aesthetics coupled with analytic insight unearthed through a continuous A/B testing and improvement can transform your event landing pages from dull and repulsive online real estate into engaging introductions to your event.

Regan’s Suggestion:

Once-off optimisation could yield positive results, but the secret to an agile approach is to continuously monitor and measure the success of your campaigns and landing pages. Personalisation of the user experience through Feathr could push your success even further, past your wildest expectations.

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