Data Analysis And Measurement

Data should enable you to make better decisions and come to a clearer understanding of where your conversions come from. We’ve worked with many Trade Show Organisers and Event Managers over the years, and we often find that this is not the case. They feel overwhelmed by all the data from disparate sources (email databases, CRM, websites, registration solution providers, Digital Ad networks and agency partners) and struggle to find a clear view of what’s working and what’s not. All this data makes digital look more like a black box than a magnifying glass.

We can help you cut through the confusion and arrive at useful, actionable insights.
Our methodical approach to Data Analysis & Measurement will consolidate your analytic systems, identify gaps and duplications in analytic implementation to shed light on attribution, and make the changes that will propel your event forward.

Regan Says

The need to prove Return on Investment for various marketing activities has become critical to retaining business and building relationships for serious marketers, and rightly so.

In our latest ‘State of the UK Event Marketing Industry Survey’ 14.5% of respondents indicated that they had no idea how much of their budget was being spent on digital marketing. If you dig a little deeper you’ll find that those that do know how much they spend on digital don’t know which channel is most effective. In order for digital marketing to move the needle and have real impact on your bottom line, it’s essential to make sense of the wealth of data at your disposal. A solid analytics base will ensure that sleek Paid Media, Content Marketing and Social Selling programs offer you the results you are looking for.

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