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What good is half a business card? Have your data collection efforts let you down? We can help you eliminate the frustration of incomplete visitor or prospect lists.

Our Data Enrichment services complete your visitor and prospect databases with the information your sales team needs to initiate those crucial business development conversations.

Data enrichment is a persona based activity. Our team of data specialists are masters at extracting, cleaning, and enhancing professional social databases for sales enablement. We use a combination of public & private data sources and proprietary email identification software to enrich your prospect lists or event attendee database with the data you need to best advance your prospects to the next step.

Regan Says

Data Enrichment of existing lists will equip your sales team with the information needed to initiate contact with your prospective sponsors, exhibitors or attendees, but the data can be pushed further through the creation of custom audiences for Paid Media campaigns. Through the use of strategic Paid Media support, we can craft an awareness and consideration journey for your prospects that can go a great distance to easing the sales process and influencing other key stakeholders.

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