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B2B event organisers have never had more digital marketing choices. While exciting, the level of complexity involved in designing a best practice digital strategy that is tried and-tested, agile and maximises the latest trends has never been greater.

The sole objective of a best practice digital event marketing strategy is to deliver the highest returns for the lowest budget. To achieve this it must mirror the digital behaviour of your prospects, focus on your highest converting channels, deliver high levels of personalisation, and be underpinned with absolute attribution clarity, analysis and data.

Ten reasons you may need to review or
renew your digital event marketing strategy:

  • You do not have clear insight into your overall digital performance
  • You feel you should be getting a higher return on your digital marketing budget
  • You are unable to calculate cost-per visitor or attendee with accurate attribution
  • Your previously high performing channels are losing their effectiveness
  • Your email, digital and paid marketing are not personalised to specific audience personas
  • Your returning visitors are not converting or registering
  • You are still calculating attribution solely on last touch
  • You feel you are not being agile, by continually testing channels, creative, copy, registration pages, etc.
  • Your mobile traffic is not converting at the same rate as your desktop traffic; you are not delivering a digital marketing strategy that is optimised for mobile
  • You need to overcome or counter the decline in marketing performance due to GDPR and ePrivacy regulations.

Regan Says

“More often than not the digital event marketing strategies I see built on a foundation of analytics and data are generally on track, however, the biggest challenge for B2B event marketers is making sure their analytics/data stack is correctly listening and measuring all the other digital components that make up an awesome strategy. Without a great Data Analysis and Measurement foundation, your strategy is not a strategy, it’s guesswork.”

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