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Cold-calling is dead. Good riddance. Simply reaching your ideal prospects isn’t good enough: you need to connect with them on their own terms. People use social media to make connections, and you can use social media to communicate with your prospects when they actually want to connect. A strategically developed and artfully executed social selling program will help you find, connect with, understand, and nurture sales prospects, attendees, sponsors and exhibitors. Social selling is a scalable way for your sales teams to cultivate relationships.

Our Social Selling Marketing Specialists develop programs that sift through social networks, finding and vetting your ideal prospects. We help you to build relationships with your prospects and monitor their readiness to buy: this is our Connect-Nurture-Pitch approach. Depending on your requirements, our specialists will either hand over qualified prospects to your sales team, or begin the sales conversation on your behalf.

Regan’s Suggestion

Social Selling campaigns are taken to the next level when supported by online communities. Online communities provide sales representatives with an opportunity to build authentic relationships with prospects through storytelling, conversation, and thought leadership content – in a more casual environment. Once these relationships have been established, sales conversations can arise naturally.

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